Nigerian International Passports

We share all you need to know about Nigerian International Passports: types, who qualifies to hold one, how to apply and where to apply.

What is the Nigerian International Passport?

It is a document that not only serves as a means of identification for Nigerian citizens but enables a Nigerian to travel within or out of Nigeria. It is issued by the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) on behalf of the Federal Government’s Ministry of Interior.

Nigeria has been issuing e-Passports since around 2007.

Who eligible for a Nigerian Passport?

The Passport is available to verifiable citizens of Nigeria only, irrespective of where they are born. Considering Nigeria allows multiple citizenships, a citizen can apply for a Passport virtually at any age, so long they can prove they are a child of a Nigerian.

The government typically requires documents like the birth certificate that proves parentage and the “State of Origin”.

Types of Passport

NIS issues 3 basic types of passports: Standard, Official and Diplomatic Passports.

Standard Passport

This is the regular Passport that most Nigerians would ever have access to. It is dark green in colour and is valid for 5 years.

Enhanced e-Passport

This is an improvement that was launched in 2019 and is essentially a standard Passport.

The improvements include the choice of longer validity, polycarbonate material for the document, exclusive online payment for the application process etc. The new passports are available in 3 formats:

  • 32 page 5-year validity (Adults & Minors)
  • 64 page 5-year validity (Adults & Minors)
  • 64 page 10-year validity (Adults only)

The Nigerian Identify Number (NIN) is required and compulsory for the application and approval of the new enhanced e-Passport.

Passport Fees

Categories of PassportLocalForeign
32-Page 5-year Standard Passport₦25,000$130
64-Page 5-year Standard Passport₦35,000$150
64-Page 10-year Standard Passport for adults only (18 years and above)₦70,000$230
32-Page 5-year Official Passport₦15,000N/A

Where to apply

Within Nigeria

Eligible Nigerians can apply at the nearest offices of the Comptrollers of Immigration Service in the State Commands or at the Office of the Comptroller General at the NIS Headquarters, Abuja.

Outside Nigeria

Eligible Nigerians can apply at the nearest Nigerian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate. Do well to call them ahead to confirm the process before visiting.

Official Passport

They are exclusively available to certain classes of Nigerian Federal, State and Local government officials, some senior political office holders, senior Civil Servants in various Federal Government ministries/agencies/parastatals, 1st class rulers/chiefs, as well as senior officers in the Army, Airforce, Navy, Police, DSS and other paramilitary agencies.

Application is done directly to the Office of the Comptroller General at the NIS Headquarters in Abuja or through State Commands of the NIS.

Diplomatic Passport

They are only available to the President, Vice President, Senate President, Deputy Senate President, and their respective spouses. Governor s and Deputy Governors also qualify. Others are Nigerian Diplomats and other top Government Officials as may be approved by the President.

All applications for Diplomatic Passports need to be submitted to the office of the Comptroller General, Nigeria Immigration Service Headquarters, Abuja.

They are offered for free to the eligible officials.

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